The Battle Over PTSD

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The battle over the meaning of a traumatic experience is fought in the arena of political discourse, popular culture and scholarly debate. The outcome of this battle shapes the rhetoric of the dominant culture and influences future political action. Kali Tal, Worlds Of Hurt: Reading the Literature of Trauma _______________ There’s a major struggle for meaning going on in America now that centers on war trauma … [Read more...]

The Cost of War

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The mounting costs of war over the past decade are staggering. More than 4,440 US troops and over 1 million civilians have been killed in Iraq and over 32,009 US troops have been wounded. Casualties in Afghanistan and Pakistan have been horrendous. The US has spent over $1.3 trillion on these wars since 2001. Besides the casualty lists and suicide rates among soldiers, across America local and state governments … [Read more...]