“Where Soldiers Come From”

(Courtesy of Heather Courtney)

[ A  FILM  REVIEW ] Last Tuesday, September 13th, I was back in one of my old neighborhoods, the Stuyvesant Square area of Manhattan, where I lived when I first moved to New York City in 1972. The neighborhood is contiguous with the sprawling Beth Israel Medical Center, where I was both a client and later worked as an alcoholism counselor in the mid-70s, my first job as a medical professional. It was a nostalgic trip … [Read more...]

Maine’s Clown Prince of Buncombe: Back in the Center Ring…

Rosie the Riveter

Maine’s Tea Party Governor Paul Lepage, drawing from his tasteless repertoire of political slap stick and buffoonery, has once again showcased his penchant for self-ridicule before a national audience courtesy of the major media.  [We Maine progressives are grateful to see him back on prime time and consider Paul Lepage one of our secret weapons]. Lepage, at his barnyard best, first rose to national infamy when he … [Read more...]