Here We Go Again . . .


A commentary with poetry about US policy to unilaterally achieve Full Spectrum  Dominance, enabling US military forces, especially air power, to “attack anywhere—and to do so quickly and with greater precision than ever before.” At 6:40 pm of St. Patrick’s Day late afternoon, a New York Times News Alert hit my email box, announcing that the UN Security Council had approved a no-fly zone over Libya. Once … [Read more...]

Why Are We In Libya?

Geithner Profile

“…get a man greedy enough and he got the guts to go – go, go, … Vietnam, hot damn.” -Norman Mailer, Why Are We In Vietnam? The Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), the program created by Congress to expend over $700 billion of our tax dollars to prevent a “meltdown of the financial system,” is a “colossal failure.” It’s now official.  Neil M. Barofsky, the man hired as TARP’s special … [Read more...]