The Gravest Consequence of War is Silence


Editor’s note: These remarks were given November 12th by Dr. Nancy Wolff at the annual Veterans Day ceremony put on by the Vietnam Veterans of America inmate chapter inside Graterford State Prison near Philadelphia. Dr. Wolff was the ceremony’s Special Guest Speaker.  Also attending and speaking were Pennsylvania State Supreme Court Justice Seamus McCaffery and  former US Navy Vice Admiral and Congressman Joe … [Read more...]

Healing and Peace Making

Dave Cline FEA

There can be no peace without healing. That conviction was the focus of Veterans For Peace during the years David Cline was its president. It inspired the VFP objective, “seek justice for veterans and victims of war.” This was the height of the Iraq War, and soldiers and marines were returning from Iraq deeply wounded in spirit. Jimmy Massey was one of them. Remember Jimmy? Marine recruiter cum VFP peacenik? It was … [Read more...]

Telling Our Stories

Vietnam Awakening FEA

Among the veteran writers on this blogsite,  there is an on-going discussion about the importance for aging activists like us to record and pass on our stories of opposition and resistance to war. So consider this an infomercial as well as a blatant attempt to drum up business for a memoir I published five years ago called Vietnam Awakening.  We would like to reach fellow veterans who struggle in the present to survive … [Read more...]

The Nice Thing About Being Little

Gateway Greening FE

We all know stories about wealthy people never having enough, being addicted to acquisition. We look upon financiers making millions, wanting to accumulate more millions and wonder why? We watch our politicians woo  financiers, achieving high office and leaving high office wealthy and hopelessly enslaved to their masters. It appears once a man’s better nature is allowed to wither the hole it leaves becomes … [Read more...]

Heeding the Call

Viet Commem.FEA

The message of John Grant’s article, “The Vietnam War and the Struggle for Truth”, should be heard as an alarm bell by all who were blind-sided and unsettled upon learning of the Defense Department initiative announced by the President this past Memorial Day to “commemorate” the Vietnam Era by rewriting its history. The projected duration of the Pentagon’s mandate for this exercise stretches from 2012 to … [Read more...]

Brazil 2014 … but first a Truth Commission

Braxil favela FEA

On the flyleaf of a school notebook I’d purchased at a papelaria in Salvador, Bahia, where I was on assignment in Brazil to write a destination piece in 1984, I found the following stanzas from a 19th century poem by Casimiro de Abreu: Correi pr’as bandas do sul Debaixo dum céu de anil Encontrareis o gigante Santa Cruz, hoje Brasil; — É uma terra de amores Alcatifada de flores Onde a brisa fala … [Read more...]