Do We Belong Here?


By Woody Powell Was it Darwinian; descent from an ape-like ancestor bipedaling onto the scene, erect and dominant pushing nature around making massive nests where little else survives?   Or did we descend from a glorious ancestor alien to the planet and then begin our despoilation of a foreign nature?   Does it matter? Whether we evolved into an alien presence or started out that … [Read more...]

What Is a Hero?


My local newspaper recently printed a trio of articles about fallen heroes. One was the story of a young Marine who died in a training exercise, months short of discharge. His body was welcomed home with 2200 American flags. Another was a comment by a columnist questioning the economics of providing military honors to people who died in circumstances other than combat. Still another opined that lots of people are heroes … [Read more...]

Healing and Peace Making

Dave Cline FEA

There can be no peace without healing. That conviction was the focus of Veterans For Peace during the years David Cline was its president. It inspired the VFP objective, “seek justice for veterans and victims of war.” This was the height of the Iraq War, and soldiers and marines were returning from Iraq deeply wounded in spirit. Jimmy Massey was one of them. Remember Jimmy? Marine recruiter cum VFP peacenik? It was … [Read more...]

Why I Joined the Veterans of Foreign Wars

Woody Powell FEA

Over the last year I have been working closely with the VA and the court system as a mentor coordinator in a Veterans Drug Court. One of the first people I encountered when I found out about this opportunity to serve one of the objectives of VFP (seeking justice for veterans and victims of war) was a Vietnam combat vet named Robert Murphy. Robert is a service officer with the VFW. As such he has done a great deal to get … [Read more...]

The Nice Thing About Being Little

Gateway Greening FE

We all know stories about wealthy people never having enough, being addicted to acquisition. We look upon financiers making millions, wanting to accumulate more millions and wonder why? We watch our politicians woo  financiers, achieving high office and leaving high office wealthy and hopelessly enslaved to their masters. It appears once a man’s better nature is allowed to wither the hole it leaves becomes … [Read more...]