Guantanamo Poem

rawlings FEA

  GUANTANAMO POEM (Second Poem For the Veterans Peace Teams, wherever they are) By DOUG RAWLINGS It is legal, you know The state even grants permits Of course there are limits And you do need the landowner's permission Here's how he does it up in Maine: He cuts a good sized sapling Then he augurs a hole through the ice Sticks the steel trap on to one end And lowers it to the pond floor The … [Read more...]

My Awakening: Tap An Bac, Quang Ngai, Vietnam, March 15, 1969

Bill Kelly FEA

By Billy Kelly I am probably the only American alive who knows this hamlet's name. On March 15, 1969, I was involved in an all-day battle in this very area—mercifully, the only one of my brief military career. The combat took place within a two-kilometer by four-kilometer area. I remember the name because I received a few citations with this hamlet's name printed on them, and the date of the action was noted. I was … [Read more...]

The Gravest Consequence of War is Silence


Editor’s note: These remarks were given November 12th by Dr. Nancy Wolff at the annual Veterans Day ceremony put on by the Vietnam Veterans of America inmate chapter inside Graterford State Prison near Philadelphia. Dr. Wolff was the ceremony’s Special Guest Speaker.  Also attending and speaking were Pennsylvania State Supreme Court Justice Seamus McCaffery and  former US Navy Vice Admiral and Congressman Joe … [Read more...]

Doing The Right Thing


By Joey King I first met Jerry Cashion during my sophomore year of college in the late summer of 1981. He was a big 18-year-old kid from southern, middle Tennessee who was a football star and hometown hero. I was also from a small town in Tennessee. We were in college Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) together. Both of us were caught up in the Reagan-era military hysteria of the early 1980s. We were instant friends … [Read more...]

Why a Combat Veteran Supports the Occupy Movement

Scarborough FEATURE

My name is Jim Scarborough. I'm a former infantry officer and a Vietnam combat veteran.  Some of you have seen the sign I'm carrying, urging other veterans to join us in support of the Occupy movement.   However, I'm not here today because I'm one of the 99%.  As a veteran, I'm proud to be a member of a very elite group of our society - not one of privilege, or wealth, or power - but one bound together by shared … [Read more...]