Of Lies and Empire and Military Service

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By JOEY KING               “I have decided to henceforth say nothing that is not true,” said the student.               “I’ll miss your voice,” replied the Zen master. I discovered the writings of Jeff Knaebel a few years ago. He was a US citizen who left the country of his birth in the mid-1990s for a life of voluntary self-exile in India. His writings were online articles that … [Read more...]

My Awakening: Tap An Bac, Quang Ngai, Vietnam, March 15, 1969

Bill Kelly FEA

By Billy Kelly I am probably the only American alive who knows this hamlet's name. On March 15, 1969, I was involved in an all-day battle in this very area—mercifully, the only one of my brief military career. The combat took place within a two-kilometer by four-kilometer area. I remember the name because I received a few citations with this hamlet's name printed on them, and the date of the action was noted. I was … [Read more...]

Women in Combat: A Distraction From the Real Issue

Women Afghanistan 2010 FEA

The Pentagon -- and the United States government in thrall to it -- is congratulating itself on overcoming a hurdle that other nations have long gotten beyond or never faced in the first place. Feminists and progressives sympathetic to women’s rights are expected to be delighted that women can now officially be assigned to combat roles in the US military. The overcoming of this great hurdle follows a long tradition, in … [Read more...]