Déjà Vu All Over Again: Notes on Jonathan Schell’s Review of “Kill Anything That Moves”

Jonathan Schell‘s probing review of Nick Turse’s Kill Anything That Moves originated on Tom Dispatch and migrated to Salon, where it appeared under the head, “Vietnam was even more horrific than we thought.” Really?  While Jonathan Schell is not accountable for the Homer-moment in Salon’s headline, he nonetheless seems convinced that Nick Turse’s recently published book justifies such hyperbole.  Schell, … [Read more...]

Strange Vibes in Van Buren

I was chatting with the host at a house party recently who was telling me of his family link to the Acadian town of Van Buren on Maine’s border with Canada.  I was immediately reminded of an article I’d been assigned to write years ago by Down East Magazine, a slick vehicle for boosting Maine’s touristic image.  Down East had excerpted a chapter from my back roads guide to Maine, and the enthusiastic editor whose … [Read more...]