Thank You For Your Service

Vietnam War 1

Over the past decade or so, it’s become quite the fashion, when people learn that I once served in the Marines, to say to me, “Thank you for your service.”  I’m sure they mean well, but I wish they would take just a moment to reflect on what they are saying. I went halfway around the world to a place called Vietnam, where I killed, maimed, brutalized and made miserable a people who had never done me or my … [Read more...]

CLUSTERBALL: James Bond and the Petraeus Affair

Daniel Craig - New James Bond movie Casino Royale

Using one of those overarching dramatic titles we have come to expect in mainstream media news coverage, John Stewart summed up the Petraeus story as “Band of Boners.” It's the sort of thing that may be inevitable when so much power is given so much free rein by so much secrecy. The nature of military and spy craft -- Sun Tzu and Clausewitz would agree -- is that it’s never what it seems. As this unfolding … [Read more...]

The Gravest Consequence of War is Silence


Editor’s note: These remarks were given November 12th by Dr. Nancy Wolff at the annual Veterans Day ceremony put on by the Vietnam Veterans of America inmate chapter inside Graterford State Prison near Philadelphia. Dr. Wolff was the ceremony’s Special Guest Speaker.  Also attending and speaking were Pennsylvania State Supreme Court Justice Seamus McCaffery and  former US Navy Vice Admiral and Congressman Joe … [Read more...]

Healing and Peace Making

Dave Cline FEA

There can be no peace without healing. That conviction was the focus of Veterans For Peace during the years David Cline was its president. It inspired the VFP objective, “seek justice for veterans and victims of war.” This was the height of the Iraq War, and soldiers and marines were returning from Iraq deeply wounded in spirit. Jimmy Massey was one of them. Remember Jimmy? Marine recruiter cum VFP peacenik? It was … [Read more...]

STILL WAITIN’ – Vietnam Vets Muse on the Pentagon Plan to Clean Up the Vietnam War

Uhl & Grant FEATURE

STILL WAITIN' - A short video produced by: The Vietnam War Commemoration CORRECTION Project You-Tube link: The pentagon's Vietnam War Commemoration Project was funded by Congress to the tune of $5 millions a year for the next1 13 years. That's $125 million of our tax dollars to fund events designed by "patriotic" local organizations to clean up the … [Read more...]