The Lieutenant

Lt bars

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, 1970.  I am sitting on the edge of a stone fountain in a plaza in downtown Vancouver, watching the peace demonstration all around me.  Having deserted from the United States Army just a few months ago, I finally have Landed Immigrant status, a job, and a rented room of my own.  As was the tradition of American army deserters in Canada, I am wearing my army field jacket with my name … [Read more...]

Why I Joined the Veterans of Foreign Wars

Woody Powell FEA

Over the last year I have been working closely with the VA and the court system as a mentor coordinator in a Veterans Drug Court. One of the first people I encountered when I found out about this opportunity to serve one of the objectives of VFP (seeking justice for veterans and victims of war) was a Vietnam combat vet named Robert Murphy. Robert is a service officer with the VFW. As such he has done a great deal to get … [Read more...]