The Nice Thing About Being Little

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We all know stories about wealthy people never having enough, being addicted to acquisition. We look upon financiers making millions, wanting to accumulate more millions and wonder why? We watch our politicians woo  financiers, achieving high office and leaving high office wealthy and hopelessly enslaved to their masters. It appears once a man’s better nature is allowed to wither the hole it leaves becomes … [Read more...]

Doing The Right Thing


By Joey King I first met Jerry Cashion during my sophomore year of college in the late summer of 1981. He was a big 18-year-old kid from southern, middle Tennessee who was a football star and hometown hero. I was also from a small town in Tennessee. We were in college Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) together. Both of us were caught up in the Reagan-era military hysteria of the early 1980s. We were instant friends … [Read more...]

Covering Up Debacles: The Sandusky Affair and the Vietnam War

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Life is overflowing with metaphorical material. Maneuvering through reality is a constant dialogue and negotiation between what’s inside our heads and what’s going on outside in the chaotic flow of what is. We understand what's outside by comparing it with what's inside. This is true whether or not the average anti-intellectual Joe Sixpack or Joe the Plumber recognizes it or not. In fact, those who don't understand … [Read more...]

Summer Holidays: The Heart of Darkness Revisited

CPT Walker

For the average citizen, Memorial Day and July 4th are associated with sales at box stores and family picnics. I had intended to go to the Wall on Memorial Day to read poetry with other veterans, as I have done several years previously. But when I learned that Rolling Thunder was planning a 25th Anniversary ride throughout Washington to include the Wall, I changed my mind. Being in the presence of thousands of … [Read more...]

Forgotten Casualties of the Vietnam War

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Charging a man with murder in this place was like handing out speeding tickets in the Indy 500. - Apocalypse Now. Over the past ten years, I’ve developed a friendship with Commer Glass, a 67-year-old African American man serving his 37th year of a life-without-parole sentence at Graterford State Prison outside Philadelphia. Glass fought as a 20-year-old combat infantryman in the thick woods west of Pleiku in the … [Read more...]