Heeding the Call

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The message of John Grant’s article, “The Vietnam War and the Struggle for Truth”, should be heard as an alarm bell by all who were blind-sided and unsettled upon learning of the Defense Department initiative announced by the President this past Memorial Day to “commemorate” the Vietnam Era by rewriting its history. The projected duration of the Pentagon’s mandate for this exercise stretches from 2012 to … [Read more...]

The Vietnam War and the Struggle For Truth

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Vietnam, a story of virtually unmitigated disasters that we have inflicted on ourselves and even more on others. -Bernard Brodie, 1973 The Vietnamese won the Vietnam War by forcing the United States to abandon its intention to militarily sustain an artificially divided Vietnam. The history is clear: It was the United States, not the Vietnamese, who scotched the unifying elections agreed on for 1956 in the Geneva … [Read more...]

Paul Fussell: A Remembrance

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Not surprisingly, virtually every publication in the English-speaking world from the New York Times and Britain’s The Guardian to the Scranton Times Tribune and the Kennebec Journal took note of the recent death of Paul Fussell.  Beginning with the 1975 publication of his landmark study The Great War and Modern Memory, which earned him both the National Book Award and the National Book Critics Circle Award, he rapidly … [Read more...]