Life After G.I. War Resistance: Military Resisters 30 Years Later.


Since the start of the Bush era, soldiers and veterans have been a core part of resisting America’s wars for empire. In 2004, Veterans for Peace sponsored Iraq Veterans Against the War, which began with seven members. IVAW is now an independent organization with hundreds of veterans and active duty members, chapters in all 50 states and overseas, and continues gaining members all the time. Iraq and Afghanistan veterans … [Read more...]

Brazil 2014 … but first a Truth Commission

Braxil favela FEA

On the flyleaf of a school notebook I’d purchased at a papelaria in Salvador, Bahia, where I was on assignment in Brazil to write a destination piece in 1984, I found the following stanzas from a 19th century poem by Casimiro de Abreu: Correi pr’as bandas do sul Debaixo dum céu de anil Encontrareis o gigante Santa Cruz, hoje Brasil; — É uma terra de amores Alcatifada de flores Onde a brisa fala … [Read more...]

Afghanistan: The Wheels Are Coming Off

Leon Panetta, Harmid Karzai

When does a determination to look on the bright side turn into a state of denial? That is, when do leaders of a secrecy-obsessed US government admit the decision-making surrounding the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan was misguided from the beginning and the endgame is a mess because of it? While the leadership of America is mud-wrestling with itself in the election "silly season," the nation is watching the wheels come … [Read more...]

Israel Lobby Beats the Drums For War

f-15-israel FEA

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (or AIPAC) is holding its annual meeting in Washington DC  in an atmosphere of beating war drums and rattling sabers against Iran. It's a full-court press of pro-war power working to make the White House cave in and assume an even more belligerent posture vis-a-vis Iran that it already has. War is in the air. Israel preemptively starting a war with Iran would be bad enough, … [Read more...]