The United States and its Dark Passenger, Part II: Act Of Valor

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The United States is finding the occupation of other nations more and more challenging. Witness the clueless US soldiers or contractors who burned a dozen Korans at the Bagram Air Force Base trash dump in Afghanistan. The uproar in response has been wide spread and seems profound for the future of US occupation. Then there were the ace troopers who filmed themselves urinating on corpses. And let's not forget the … [Read more...]

The United States and its Dark Passenger, Part I: Red, White and Blue Synthetic Virtue

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I teach creative writing in a maximum security prison in Philadelphia. During the week I scour two thrift shops for 35-cent paperbacks that I haul in to stock a small lending library I created for inmates. Amazingly, the prison had no library. In the process of collecting used books, I’ve surveyed the crime, mystery and noir genre of popular fiction. I've read many of the books in part or end to end; the range of … [Read more...]