Lockdown In AmeriKa? You Betcha!


Perhaps the most chilling movie I’ve seen during the past decade -- while the American led, once-termed “Global War on Terror” rages on and on and on, ever-expanding both overseas as well as within the Homeland -- was the 2006 movie Children of Men. Its Mexican director, Alfonso Cuaron, has described his dystopian film as the “anti-Blade Runner".  The 1982 Ridley Scott directed film, Blade Runner, likewise … [Read more...]

Supporters Give Bradley Manning a Hero’s Tribute Outside Fort Meade

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Saturday, December 17th was Bradley Manning’s 24th birthday, and at least 300 supporters gathered outside Fort Meade, Maryland, where the military was in its second day of a preliminary hearing process that’s expected to take about a week. Manning worked in military intelligence and is alleged to have released military secrets to WikiLeaks, which released the material publicly. After collecting at the main gate, … [Read more...]