Why a Combat Veteran Supports the Occupy Movement

Scarborough FEATURE

My name is Jim Scarborough. I'm a former infantry officer and a Vietnam combat veteran.  Some of you have seen the sign I'm carrying, urging other veterans to join us in support of the Occupy movement.   However, I'm not here today because I'm one of the 99%.  As a veteran, I'm proud to be a member of a very elite group of our society - not one of privilege, or wealth, or power - but one bound together by shared … [Read more...]

Driving Through Nevada Terror


This past Monday, October 31st, was All Hallows’ Eve in the Catholic tradition, secularly known as Halloween, a time of ghosts and goblins when children dress up in costumes to scare each other and go trick-or-treating. Today, unlike in my childhood well over half-a-century ago, kids are accompanied by their parents, since today’s streets in many areas, whether rural, suburban or urban, are mostly unsafe for children … [Read more...]