No County for Young Men or Women. Or is it?

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Oh very young what will you leave us this time? - Cat Stevens. When the county paper comes out each Thursday, I usually give it a ritual briefing.  It’s a broadsheet full of the humdrum town affairs and local doings.  Selectmen’s meetings get a lot of ink, and whose bid won the winter ploughing contract, that sort of thing.  The culture vultures of every taste promote a steady stream of art openings and … [Read more...]

Special Ops: The New Face of War

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How do you assure the security of a nation of human beings who consume a disproportionate amount of the world’s resources, habitually live beyond their means and are addicted to all forms of fantasy from Bible-based delusion, to patriotism-based arrogance, to movie special effects that make ordinary human drama seem boring? What is the most powerful nation in the world with the largest, most expensive, most lethal … [Read more...]

Agent Orange Relief For Vietnam: Rep. Filner’s Bill Offers Hope

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If ‘justice for all’ were more than misty sentiment appended to a perfunctory ‘pledge of allegiance,’ H.R. 2634 -- a bill seeking broad and long delayed remedial action on behalf of all Vietnam Era victims of Agent Orange -- would sail through Congress and gain swift approval from  the President. Introduced by California Congressman Bob Filner, the senior Democrat on the House Veteran’s Affairs  Committee, … [Read more...]