Israel and the Roots of Disaster

Palestine 1930

Two veteran friends of mine will be on one of the ships leaving Athens soon to challenge the Israeli sea blockade of Gaza. The Israeli government, after attacking a previous flotilla in May 2010 and killing nine people, has said it will use violence if necessary to prevent the ships from entering what any reasonable person by now should agree are Palestinian waters. This confrontation should not be necessary. The … [Read more...]

Israel vs. Israel

Mavi Marmara square

Israel is defeating itself, one battle at a time. The May 31, 2010 Israeli attack on the “Gaza Freedom Flotilla” - particularly on the Mavi Marmara - is a microcosm of Israel’s steady march to self-defeat. Six ships laden with supplies and international peace activists - including parliamentarians and other prominent figures - headed toward Gaza with the stated aim of breaking the Israeli blockade. Israeli ships, … [Read more...]

An Angle Heretofore Unknown (A Review)

Fenton_Cover square

War and the literature of war are siblings, perhaps even twins.  As long as there has been conflict over scarce resources and fertile land, competing visions of the good life for humans, and bruised feelings among the uneasy powerful, there has an accompanying literature praising the brave, memorializing the proud dead, singing the virtue of the leaders of the victorious side, and preparing for the inevitable next … [Read more...]

The FBI Loosens Up


Some years ago, I was photographing a constitutional law professor for a magazine article on his book, and while I composed my shots I employed the usual half-minded topical banter to keep things on course. The professor was pretty progressive and knew I was a veteran antiwar activist. I was muttering something about constitutional rights. In the lens, I noticed him chuckling at something, so I pulled my eye away from … [Read more...]

Apocalypse Now? The Strange Jeremiads of Christopher Hedges

Hedges DC-square

Editor’s Note: In The Mind Field is re-posting this article by Michael Uhl to consciously provoke dialogue both inside and outside our Veterans For Peace community among those who might take exception to its main premises.  The writers on this blog will soon launch a forum to analyze and critique the tactical trends that predominate in the antiwar movement today. The goal is to explore the political realities of 2011 … [Read more...]