Why Are We In Libya?

Geithner Profile

“…get a man greedy enough and he got the guts to go – go, go, … Vietnam, hot damn.” -Norman Mailer, Why Are We In Vietnam? The Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), the program created by Congress to expend over $700 billion of our tax dollars to prevent a “meltdown of the financial system,” is a “colossal failure.” It’s now official.  Neil M. Barofsky, the man hired as TARP’s special … [Read more...]

Maine’s Clown Prince of Buncombe: Back in the Center Ring…

Rosie the Riveter

Maine’s Tea Party Governor Paul Lepage, drawing from his tasteless repertoire of political slap stick and buffoonery, has once again showcased his penchant for self-ridicule before a national audience courtesy of the major media.  [We Maine progressives are grateful to see him back on prime time and consider Paul Lepage one of our secret weapons]. Lepage, at his barnyard best, first rose to national infamy when he … [Read more...]

The Cost of War

Open Wound

The mounting costs of war over the past decade are staggering. More than 4,440 US troops and over 1 million civilians have been killed in Iraq and over 32,009 US troops have been wounded. Casualties in Afghanistan and Pakistan have been horrendous. The US has spent over $1.3 trillion on these wars since 2001. Besides the casualty lists and suicide rates among soldiers, across America local and state governments … [Read more...]

Strange Bedfellows Go To War in North Africa


Is the battle for Libya the clash of a brutal dictator against a democratic opposition or is it fundamentally a tribal civil war? - David Kirkpatrick , The New York Times Cairo bureau chief   Once you lose trust in your leaders, everything becomes a question. Cairo Bureau Chief Kirkpatrick’s vital question raises an even more fundamental question: What have our leaders gotten us into in Libya and do they know … [Read more...]

What Makes a Man? (A Book Review)

Bill Ehrhart

The Bodies Beneath the Table is Bill Ehrhart’s eighth book of poetry, and because it is the first in 11 years, an event for those of us who have followed his work.  Ehrhart has also written some of the best memoirs and contemplations of the years and times and tumult simply known as “Vietnam,” especially Ordinary Lives: Platoon 1005 and the Vietnam War; Passing Time: Memoir of a Vietnam Veteran Against the War; and … [Read more...]

The Truth Set Him Free: Ehren Watada vs. the U.S. Army


In June 2006, Lieutenant Ehren Watada became the first U.S. Army officer to publicly refuse orders to Iraq.  After almost three years of intense political and legal struggle, he won his discharge from the Army on October 2, 2009.  He never did a single day in jail. His journey from a believer in his government and Army to GI resister is a dramatic tale of uncovering lies, finding the truth, and daring to take a stand … [Read more...]